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About this course:

This course is designed to give you a solid grounding in Race Car Aerodynamics.  After taking this course you should be well versed in:

  • how aerodynamics affects a racecar
  • how it can make it faster around the track
  • what features you can implement on your own vehicles
  • how to tune an existing racecars features
  • the tools used to design a racecar

This course is designed for students and professionals with an interest in working in motorsport or who are currently working as a data engineer/designer/race engineer/aerodynamicist. (I was an Aerodynamicist for Williams F1 and have an MSc in Race Car Aerodynamics from the University of Southampton).

We are available if you have any questions during the course.  Just email us.

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Course Information

  • COURSE: Race Car Aerodynamics

    USD 997.00


What you (think you) know already…

Aero is all about the tyres? What!

Aerodynamic Principles

Aerodynamic Devices

Understanding Vectors

Development Tools

Formulas for Race Engineers

Where to from here